Yea, point taken . . . time and place for everything

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Easy buddy,

Even test lpars don't isolate you from everything.
Send an electronic deposit request to the bank.
Send an EDI request to order 1,000,000 stock items.
Fax request to ...
Automated email which will ...

yeah, removing production libraries to ensure a safe test sounds draconian.

modifying library lists to insert a test library is not unheard of.

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This is a RANT, reasonable persons should disregard.
We are involved with, for us, a BIG project.
1,000's of man-hours, 1,000,000's of $...
We are using our test lpars in what I think is a perverse and
twisted way:

1) changing production library lists to use test libraries

2) in some cases, removing a production library from the lpar

3) not taking the trouble to: a) discuss or advertise this b) not
taking the trouble to ensure all test libraries are ready for
serious use
My advice to anyone contemplating use of test lpars is to "forget"
the "test library concept" and maybe consider purging them from the
BTW, I started attempting to be a "programmer" before computers
had lpars and started with the test library concept as the only "test
environment" available to me. Actually I started on a COBOL/MVS
system that had only the production and test MVS instances but, if
memory serves, only one instance of program objects.

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