The BRMS system save with wildcard GUI omits just finished, down from 6 hours to 2.5, using 2 LTO5 HH fiber in parallel.
Also included is an object list for specific libraries omitted from the GUI omits.
Omitting all the large test data was the main change.
In the near future, I will be testing a full recovery/restore from this save.
And by the way, this system save was scheduled via AJS, runs in CTLSBS.
Totally automated, unattended BRMS system saves, with append and AUTODUP.

I'm interested in why you had to use the GUI to create the control groups. I've done everything in green screen, only the omits in GUI.


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Our omit list has 32 entries with the others being individual libraries to avoid omitting too much (and because that's how our old CLP had them). A few of the libraries only change monthly, so they're backed up explicitly on another job.

Looks like that system has 2354 libraries as of last RTVDSKINF on Saturday. The other one should be similar; that list of 1977 libraries I mentioned is not mirrored, so each system has its own list of those that get omitted. They all match the same name pattern, though, so the BRMS configuration is identical on both systems.

We save "most" of the system but not the libraries and a few folders we don't absolutely need in a disaster. We don't save our TEST environments other than source code.

It's interesting that Navigator tells me the BRMS configuration isn't set for GUI, since I had to use the GUI to create it. I haven't had any problems maintaining the other settings from the green screen after the omits and parallel settings were configured. When I first set it up, the parallel settings were a bit wonky, but that might have been before the 7.1 upgrade. Or maybe my client was older. Or maybe there was a full moon...
Sean Porterfield

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From: Steinmetz, Paul
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Subject: RE: BRMS system save of R&D test LPAR - adding GUI omits


What does your omit entry look like?
How may total libraries on your LPAR?
What actually do you save?
You should be able to go back to green screen with V7R2.


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Subject: RE: BRMS system save of R&D test LPAR - adding GUI omits

We have 1977 libraries omitted by one entry on our system. Acknowledging Rob's warning, it's a wonderful feature. It's one of the reasons I went to the GUI to configure BRMS; I would much prefer to stay on green screen.
Sean Porterfield

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Subject: RE: BRMS system save of R&D test LPAR - adding GUI omits


I also have done the same for some IFS directories.
I did get burned already, omitted some IFS directories that caused some LPP not to restore completely.
How about on the library side, have you done any there.
The other thing I do is if there are certain libraries that MUST be saved, but the GUI omit excludes them, I created a list of libraries that must be saved.
I've been told that the specific object type omits that currently have to be done in GUI omits can now be done with green screen omits in 7.2 I prefer using green screen when managing BRMS, only reason I use OpsNav with BRMS is for the GUI omits.

Link to BRMS 7.2 enhancements.!/wiki/IBM%20Backup%2C%20Recovery%20and%20Media%20Services%20(BRMS)%20for%20i/page/7.2%20Overview


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I think that wildcards can be dangerous. For example, if I make a library, QRYROB is that considered *IBM or *ALLUSR?
Now, if someone on your system makes a library that matches one of your wildcards...
I'm not vehemently opposed. Just something to be aware of.

Rob Berendt

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Date: 05/09/2014 10:22 AM
Subject: BRMS system save of R&D test LPAR - adding GUI omits
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I'm revisiting our BRMS system save for our R&D LPAR.
This LPAR is 12tb, currently 50%.
Current system save is about 6 hours, using multiple LTO5 HH fiber drives.
40% of the 50% is all test data, which really does not need be saved.
If this LPAR had to be restored or reloaded, we would rather have the BMRS restore/recovery be done quicker without all the test data.
That data can be restored later via a separate process.
Our new thought is to omit all the test libraries in future system saves.
I'm currently reviewing the GUI omit options.
Since most of the test environment libraries begin with the same letters, we can create wildcard omits as such.
Each of the omits below will omit 22 libraries, 40%, or about 4tb of data.
This will significantly shorten both the system save and recovery, if and when needed.
Has anyone ever done a similar BRMS config?


Thank You
Paul Steinmetz


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