I have all the same groups installed, Admin starting with no issues.
The only extra LPP I have installed is, (I think by default these may be needed)

5761JV1 9 J2SE 5.0 64 bit
5761JV1 12 Java SE 6 64 bit
5761JV1 13 J2SE 1.4 64 bit


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As was quoted below, I'm on 7.1 and was on TR6. I applied the latest PTFs (as of a week ago) over the weekend. Granted, I didn't specify what level I actually got. I had a lot of other servers to patch on Saturday, so I spent almost no time troubleshooting this, since it was already not working before I applied PTFs.

No Oracle products in use.

I didn't get an error message in the joblog and haven't taken the time to figure out where the Apache logs are for this server. I expect there is something at least slightly interesting there.

It's also interesting that there are other differences in that configuration file between my two systems. I'm rather curious what, if anything, will happen when I apply the same PTFs to the other system next month. I may contact IBM before that, but I'm not sure if I'll have time. As long as I have DCM working by August, I'm not really concerned.

PTF Group Level
SF99711 2
SF99710 13298
SF99709 110
SF99708 32
SF99707 7 (TR)
SF99706 7
SF99705 10
SF99701 28
SF99647 8
SF99637 9
SF99627 11
SF99617 6
SF99572 16 (JAVA)
SF99381 8
SF99380 10
SF99369 15
SF99368 27 (HTTP)
SF99367 8
SF99366 10
SF99364 9
SF99363 14
SF99362 34
SF99359 15
SF99145 7

5761JV1 *BASE 5050 IBM Developer Kit for Java
5761JV1 *BASE 2924 IBM Developer Kit for Java
5761JV1 8 5108 J2SE 5.0 32 bit
5761JV1 11 5111 Java SE 6 32 bit

Sean Porterfield

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Of course, if you reported this to IBM they could help you.
But, very important to the rest of us, if it's a pervasive problem, then they could ensure that they stop doing it. For example, if it's a bad ptf then they would either pull it or supercede it.

I googled SSLEngine. Apparently this has something to do with a certain version (or higher) of Apache HTTP server. Also, your level of Java might be applicable. And the first hit came from an Oracle site. I don't suppose you're running some version of some Oracle supplied product and you also put fixes on for that, did you?

What version of IBM i are you running?
What versions of Java do you have running? (see DSPSFWRSC) What Java group are you running? (see WRKPTFGRP) What http group are you running? (see WRKPTFGRP) What error message id was thrown?

I did find one PTF cover letter in which IBM added support for a new directive. Not this one, but apparently directive support is upgraded via PTF. It also didn't claim it inserted the directive.

Rob Berendt
IBM Certified System Administrator - IBM i 6.1 Group Dekko Dept 1600 Mail to: 2505 Dekko Drive
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6928N 400E
Kendallville, IN 46755

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Well, installed latest cumulative and group PTFs, and got an error that the ADMIN server failed to start. It's pleasantly explicit in the joblog:

Cause . . . . . : Directive SSLEngine is not a recognized HTTP server directive. The HTTP server did not start.

Cause . . . . . : HTTP Server instance ADMIN failed because of a configuration error on line 15 in configuration file /QIBM/UserData/HTTPA/admin/conf/admin-cust.conf.

Of course, I didn't add that configuration line; IBM did. I'm not sure why it would be broken all of a sudden.

<VirtualHost *:2010>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteOptions Inherit
RewriteRule ^/$ %{HTTP_HOST} [C]
RewriteRule ^(.*):.*$ https://$1:2005/ibm/console [R,L]
SSLEngine On
SSLClientAuth Optional

For fun, I commented out the line in error and got:
Directive SSLAppName is not a recognized HTTP server directive.
Directive SSLClientAuth is not a recognized HTTP server directive.

After removing all those, I see ports 2001, 2002, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011,
2017 are listening.

Connecting to port 2001 redirects to /ibm/console which generates an Internal Server Error reply.

Nothing new, interesting, or explicit in joblog, so I'll have to resume troubleshooting when I have more time available.
Sean Porterfield

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Subject: RE: Navigator for i vrs. System i Navigator

Tim Rowe wrote: "There was a comment about SSL, The Navigator runs under SSL, always has, always will."

Your definition of "always" may differ from mine. I used to access
http://system:2001 or https://system:2010 with the same results other than SSL (with port 2001 only being used the very first time when I configured SSL eons ago). When port 2005 was introduced to the mix, I did not get redirected and had to provide credentials unencrypted on port 2001 or manually adjust my URL to a specific destination on port 2005. I could not access https://system:2005 directly (as a complete URL). That was long ago, in Internet time.

The was helpful, thanks for that. No problems on my production system, but it did find some things that I've fixed on the backup system. I disabled IPV6 a while ago, so that's not related to my issue.

I can't speak to performance, since I haven't successfully accessed it since the dark ages referred to in my first paragraph above. I'm guessing that was on 6.1 rather than 7.1, but I don't recall. With my systems currently on TR6 and SF99368 at group 20, I'm sure I can expect better results after patching.
Sean Porterfield

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From: Tim Rowe


Right now, the Navigator GUI is sensitive to IPV6 configuration issues, if a DNS server is not set correctly, Navigator will experience time out issues waiting on the DNS. There are no error messages, just a slow responding interface. Best way to see if that is what is going on run the following command. Go into 'QSH' Enter - /QIBM/ProdData/OS/OSGi/templates/bin/ -network This will run the network verifier for the Application Runtime Expert.
Review the out put, if there is a network configuration concern, it will be signified. How you can contact your network folks to get this corrected.



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