When maintenance costs go up, maybe just maybe you're getting a less than
subtle hint to get into new equipment?

This whole topic makes my blood boil. If this were an Intel server from
Dell or HP, companies can't wait to get past the depreciation schedule to
get the new stuff in. New Intel servers everywhere when those servers don't
generate money for the company, the ERP which runs on IBM i does. So
they'll feed the Redmond Monster with any amount of money it wants, and then
starve the system that runs the business because it just runs and runs and

Rob your outfit does have more recent equipment and does spend with IBM, but
many others don't. Then they complain when the enhancement they really want
is only available on the next tier of hardware or the OS they can't run
because the processor in their box is older than dirt.

Jim Oberholtzer
Chief Technical Architect
Agile Technology Architects

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I agree in a lot of ways. And your analogy is excellent. However, if IBM
jacks up their prices on maintenance of old machines is it really because
parts are that hard to get, or is it an artificial jack to show you how much
money you can save by going to new machines? And all the third party follow
like lemmings - take IBM's prices and discount them by x%.

Rob Berendt

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