Thanks for the idea. We tried changing QSYSOPR profile DLVRY(*NOTIFY) before the flash, but it didn't take. The messages still broke.

I halfway think that the OS knows it was an abnormal termination and wants to make sure you know everything that was running when the system went down. Worst part is that about 2 steps later in the startup process messages start 'stacking up' in the message queue and you can respond to them when you get around to them. ):

--Paul E Musselman

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Is it possible to change QSYSOPR profile default message delivery parm.

On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 9:19 AM, PaulMmn <PaulMmn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote (in part):

Is there any way to suppress *INFO messages, or put the [QSYSOPR] message queue into
*NOTIFY mode during an IPL from an Abnormal Termination?

Thanks! Our "ENTER" fingers will be overjoyed!

--Paul E Musselman

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