We're using Full-System Flash Copy to create a temporary backup of our production system. The copy is used for backups.

The flash copy has to be IPLd before we can use it. The problem is that the flash copy is waking up from an abnormal termination. And QSYSOPR message queue is in break mode. And the system helpfully posts *INFO messages advising us that "Writer xxx ended." In break mode. One-at-a-time.

"CPF3380 SEV-00 *INFO "Writer #/USR/JOBNAME ended." "

At the point where the messages appear we've had no chance to change the message queue to *NOTIFY mode. And the messages won't 'stack up;' we have to answer each message as it appears in order for the IPL to continue!

Is there any way to suppress *INFO messages, or put the message queue into *NOTIFY mode during an IPL from an Abnormal Termination?

Thanks! Our "ENTER" fingers will be overjoyed!

--Paul E Musselman

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