Most of them have a license to use the software in perpetuity that is
legal and legit but they weren't entitled to upgrades or support.
Unfortunately they now have to pay in some cases many years of full
support just to get code that will run on 6.1 or newer. Since the price
is so high they sty at V5R4 or leave the platform.
Ok, they weren't entitled to upgrades and support. Just to use it in
perpetuity. So, if they stay on that old box then all is well.
However if they want a version that will run at 6.1 (or higher), to me
that constitutes "support".

How about buying a new version outright? Would that be cheaper? After
all, no one pays list on really high priced software. List is just there
so they can jack you for maintenance at x% of list. What's the going rate
nowadays, 15% of list? 7 years of maintenance = purchase price.

Rob Berendt

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