There is a Canadian company named after a Ford SUV that has bought up the
remaining two competitors to Oracle's JDE package for the construction
industry. One was bought prior to V7R1's announcement, so I'm waiting for a
response regarding the ability to get my one remaining 5.4 customer

The other was purchased just this winter. The jury is still out as to
whether that package will see much more than legal enhancements.

Paul Nelson
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Some valid points yes but perhaps a tad harsh. First off many vendors
in the tool space simply don't need to dump the older versions. Their
tooling works as designed on the older releases but may very well not
offer the latest functions. So I suppose "it depends" on what you mean
by 'support' :-)

Yes there are issues moving up now, first you cannot go V5R4 direct to i
7.2 so there will be steps and that pain will be inflicted on those who
stuck it out on V5R4 for too long.

Tape drives? I got those. :-) :-)

MOST of the customers I have that are on V5R4 are being held hostage by
a single software vendor (who I won't name) who has it IN FOR them and
wants a freakishly huge pile of money for an upgrade. Now I'm not
talking about the folks who simply stopped paying maintenance so they
could skate for years, those folks likely deserve what they (don't) get.
Most of them have a license to use the software in perpetuity that is
legal and legit but they weren't entitled to upgrades or support.
Unfortunately they now have to pay in some cases many years of full
support just to get code that will run on 6.1 or newer. Since the price
is so high they sty at V5R4 or leave the platform.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis

On 4/29/2014 7:54 AM, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

If a vendor says they still support V5R4 with their product be very
cautious about them. They may have a real problem supporting 7.2.

- The highest version of Java (5) supplied on media for V5R4 will not run
on 7.2. How many people downloaded a newer version of Java (6), and,
since V5R4 is out of support is it too late to do so?
- No version of Domino supported on V5R4 is supported on 7.2. That's
going to make system migrations for those people a real hoot.
- Websphere Application Server (WAS) 6 & 7 are not supported on 7.2.
- Hopefully they distribute their product other than on tape. So many
tape drives have died since then.

Rob Berendt

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