Now don't get me wrong, the vendors deserve monetary compensation. The
problem I have is that they are throwing away significant money and
simultaneously permanently losing a customer because they think they
deserve the entire pie. In the process they are hurting IBM i and the
Power brand.

That may be true. But think of the possible damage if all their paying
customers said "hey we want in on that deal also. Can we get a refund of
the difference between what we paid in maintenance and how much this
person paid to get the upgrade? Why should someone who hasn't been loyal
get special treatment while we get taken advantage of?"

I realize that it really grinds people to pay maintenance when you know
that all the person is doing is paying off their last buy out with that
maintenance money and not putting a dime into support and development. We
solved that. We switched vendors. We switched from a few vendors who
weren't 6.1 ready within a couple of months after GA. IBM gave them all a
years notice before 6.1 came out that ANZOBJCVN was coming and I was tired
of listening to their whining about possibly getting a new box to replace
their old one that couldn't run anything past V4R5. Obviously they were
in the wrong business.

I also don't expect my vendor to support V2.1 with new enhancements when
they are currently offering version 8.7.5.

Rob Berendt

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