I wouldn't say that it is a hardware killer. It doesn't support a lot of hardware, but if you look at the things it doesn't support it is all POWER5 generation hardware, that was also able to be moved forth when customers went to a Power6 (0595s, etc). Think about how long ago POWER5 hardware was announced. For people who are on POWER7 hardware, I don't think there are any issues. For people who are on POWER6 it depends. If they purchased a new POWER6 and didn't bring along their old POWER5 towers and cards, there are probably no issues.

There is a large section of the read me first for 7.2 which talks about hardware not supported. You are advised to read the read me first for this and other information before upgrading to 7.2.

My blog http://blog.itechsol.com/ will be updated on Monday morning 10am EDT with what you need to know about upgrading to 7.2, with additional cautions and issues. If you want to go directly to the article, then http://hub.am/1fAYJ8b


Pete Massiello
iTech Solutions

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Your direct upgrade path would be to upgrade to 7.1TR8, Then upgrade to Power 8 Then upgrade to 7.2.
7.2 is a real hardware killer, but that's coming from some poor dweeb that's got a bunch of old crap on his Power 6 (like 0595, 0588, IOP based cards, etc)

Out of 11 lpars of IBM i, spread out over three racks, only two of mine qualify for 7.2. They happen to be guested lpars which just luckily happen to have IOPless fiber tape cards. Even those will generate a message at IPL time something to the effect of "I don't know if you're using it or not on this lpar but I smell something on this rack that stinks like HSL/RIO".

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From the archives...wondering if this is still the case..

Steve Will responded with these corrections:
=================================================== The next generation of
servers following POWER7® / POWER7+™ is not planned to support IBM i 6.1
and will require IBM i 7.1, or later.

Read more at: http://archive.midrange.com/midrange-l/201310/msg00225.html

That'd be nice, as it'd give me an upgrade path from my 515 running 7.1 to
a Power 8 running 7.1 followed by an upgrade to 7.2


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