On 4/18/2014 1:13 AM, Alan Campin wrote:

[Regarding switching from SEU to RDi]

In practical fact it means nothing. The people at my work are still using
data structures to convert dates, moves, six character variables and fixed
format to write new code. What does the whole thing mean to them,
practically nothing because they are still writing RPG III and don't even
use the built-in functions and that is going to be true in most iSeries
shops including my previous company and previous company and previous
company over the last 20 years since ILE and RPG IV was released.

This may well be true, but!

I am more efficient in RDi not because I write guidance systems for
interplanetary space missions and only a sophisticated editor can help
with that, but because I can see more of the program on the screen.
Because I can quickly jump from the place a procedure is used to the
place it is defined, and back again. Because I can edit two parts of
the same code at once (subprodecure definition and implementation, or DS
and SQL FETCH INTO, or I and O specs).

It is very true that many companies in our market space balk at spending
money; mostly because they haven't had to spend money in the past. But
I'm pretty sure that if there was demand from the developers to get RDi,
our companies would start to take notice. We didn't get RDi until we
got the next system, and the cost of RDi was bundled in with the rest of
the software, and the boss didn't blink, especially since the total
amount was lower than the last time. A separate purchase order would
have been harder to justify.

Something to think about.

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