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I have this unique situation. Recently, we switched our LPARS and
restored all the BPCS libraries to new LPAR and activated it for

We have now started discovering that in some cases programs are not
making call to the objects that are on top of library list. Rather
it is making call to the object in other library, but in library

e.g. PgmA in lib LIB1 calls PgmB in LIB2
this is how the lib is setup <ed: QTEMP, LIB1, LIB2 >

If I re-compile PgmB and place object in QTEMP and then call PgmA,
ideally PgmB from QTEMP should be picked up. But, it is not the
case. PgmA is referring to object PgmB in LIB2

I tried renaming the PgmB in LIB2 to xxPgmBx and call PgmA, but now
PgmA is referring to xxPgmBx in LIB2 I'm not sure if this is
something related to any setting in BPCS or i-Series setting

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

The described effect of the CALL [having been verified to be] invoking the renamed program, is an indication that the called program was invoked by address rather than invoked by name.

The above quoted message was effectively cross-posted to the more appropriate RGP400-L wherein an /answer/ was already given; i.e. direction to review an archived discussion thread with a link given specifically to a reply in which BMorris explains the something about the RPG CALL mechanism [which is specific to that language] caching addresses to called programs:
Subject: Re: Job behaviour RPGLE vs CLLE
From: Barbara Morris <bmorris@xxxxxxxxxx>

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