On 16-Apr-2014 19:08 -0500, hs@xxxxxxx wrote:
<<SNIP>> if you have time and want to clean up, go manually including

Not sure of what was intended to be implied by the above [esp. re: "cleanup" and "go manually"], but if someone were doing a migration and "including QGPL / QUSRSYS" [¿where the slash apparently is supposed to imply a "+"?], then they might also consider QSYS2 as another one of the quasi-user\quasi-system libraries to be included.

And FWiW: Anyone not intimately familiar with the nuances of the effects of restore and install with regard to those libraries, they might best avoid ever attempting any work "manually" if not following exactly the steps provided in a documented\supported migration path; i.e. they might end up with all the perverse side effects of having [duplicate files and members with TEXT('Alter Name ...') or in USEng TEXT('Old name ...') and potentially also /corrupted/ database file networks] like is conspicuously visible on system PUB1 on the rzkh.de domain.

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