On 26-Mar-2014 09:53 -0700, Briggs, Trevor (TBriggs2) wrote:
You could always do a DLTUSRPRF with *CHGOWN and then re-create the
user profile when you're done.

While certainly an option for a non-system *USRPRF, is that an option for a system user profile? I seem to recall [and I verified on v5r3 that still,] the DLTUSRPRF command had the "system" user profile names hard-coded against which to test the specified USRPRF() specification for which the effect would be CPD2205 "User profile cannot be deleted." F/QCAIFLD with additional details suggesting "This user profile is required by the system and cannot be deleted."

If that checking within the command was since removed, then...

As a /system/ user profile, would the request to DLTUSRPRF QDFTOWN OWNOBJOPT(*CHGOWN NewOwnName) fail immediately [per the msg CPD2205 as was the case in the past, but as a result of the CPP vs the command definition objects parameter checking], or would the request enable the effect of the CHGOBJOWN\CHGOWN processing, and then fail only to effect the actual user profile deletion?

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