Found and resolved the issue.

Route Subnet Next Route Type of Route Route Route
Destination Mask Hop Available Service MTU Type Source *HOST *YES *NORMAL 1492 *HOST *ICMP

ICMP routes needed to be flushed, CFGTCP, option 3, change IP reassembly time-out from 120 to 90 then back to 120.
If an ICMP route previously existed for the 1st port, when the FTP was issued for the 2nd port, the ICMP route was forcing the FTP response to the 1st port, resulting in FTP failure.
I still need to identify how and why an ICMP route is improperly created and flushing needed.
Does anyone routinely flush their ICMP routes?
Are there any negatives or known issues from flushing these routes.
I'm not a network person, I need some help in this area.
IBM suggested I ask our network folks if redirects are enabled for the default gateway.
I have 2 ports, 2 default gateways, I assume both need to be questioned.

From: Steinmetz, Paul
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Subject: FTP intermittanly not working to 2nd iSeries port from PC

We have two LPARS, production and r&d.

Each LPAR has a 2-port 9055(5767) 10/100/1000 Base-TX Ethernet PCI Express Adapt

The first port only goes through the main corporate firewall.

The 2nd port also goes through a 2nd firewall for each partition.

Both LPARs configured the same.

Production is V6R1M1, R&D V7R1M0.

Each LPAR has two interfaces and two default routes.

Internet Subnet Line Line

Address Mask Description Type ETHERLAN01 *ELAN ETHERLAN02 *ELAN

Route Subnet Next Preferred

Destination Mask Hop Interface



R&D, both ports(IPS) work, no issue.

Production, first port always works, no issue.

Production, 2nd port works from some PCs with no issue, other PC inconsistent.

Our network/firewall/security staff confirmed all should working, they can production 2nd port without any issue.

They are stating it is a setting on the iSeries.

For the last few weeks I could not FTP to production 2nd port.

I rebooted PC, worked for a bit, today not working.

When it fails, I never get a FTP user log in screen.

Any thoughts from the group.



Thank You


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