Thanks very much Scott.

I created another procedure to clear out the buffer but trying to figure out
why demo program can't find it.

I matched everywhere CSV_GetFld is defined with my new procedure.


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There doesn't seem to be anything to reset your 'bufpos' variable back
to 0 when you re-run the program. Since it's already at the end of the
string, there's nothing left to read.

My original code would reset this when you read a new record.

If you do change this to work on EDI-formatted data, I would consider
naming the procedures EDI_open(), EDI_getdata, etc. seems weird to
still call them "CSV", and add an x to the end of the procedure names.

On 3/11/2014 9:10 PM, Jack Tucky wrote:
Well I've been changing things and the first time I run my CSVDEMO5
it runs great.

Then next time the test data is blank.

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