Well I've been changing things and the first time I run my CSVDEMO5 program
it runs great.

Then next time the test data is blank.

I posted my code to http://code.midrange.com/421c807d3a.html

My test program looks like this. the fields acct, etc, are defined like in
Scott's example

peFldData = '1,"Art T","123 main","jackson","NJ"';

CSV_getfldX(peFldData: temp: %size(temp));
CSV_getfldX(peFldData: name: %size(name));
CSV_getfldX(peFldData: addr: %size(addr));
CSV_getfldX(peFldData: city: %size(city));
CSV_getfldX(peFldData: state: %size(state));
acct = %dec( temp: 4: 0);

If I run it twice, I get an error that temp isn't a valid value for %dec.
That's because peFldData is blank

Any help appreciated. Jack

*inlr = *on;

On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 7:46 PM, Jack Tucky <jacktucky@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Scott's CSV service program and demos are awesome.

How hard would it be to add an option to read a regular DB file like a 80
character EDI file delimited with asterisks?

The CSV_Getfld function would have to be copied and changed to accept a
string instead of a file handle. We already add CR/LF to our inbound EDI
files so continuing over two records wouldn't be required.

I'm going to start digging, hoping someone has done this before.

Thanks Scott and all.


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