AFAIK, you would need to write code to PUT a header "message" with the name of the file, record length, # of records, etc. -- any relevant details, and followed by a PUT of one "message" per row or record in the file, and also you need to write code to GET these "messages" and re-assemble them into a "file" at the other end -- more or less duplicating what FTP does (using TCP/IP sockets as the "transport" layer instead of MQ).. You may also need to allocate sufficient queue space in MQ to allow transfer of larger files

A google search for "send a file using MQ series" (without quotes) finds that IBM has something called "Websphere MQ File Transfer Edition" that might do what you want.

Or, why not use something like "Secure FTP" (SSH FTP aka. SFTP)?

What is the "requirement" or what problem are you trying to solve?

All the best,

Mark S. Waterbury

> On 2/25/2014 8:40 PM, fbocch2595@xxxxxxx wrote:
Hi Folks, probably a quick question...we've been running MQ for years and I was asked if MQ can encrypt and send data. Support says we can encrypt the channel and then transmit the data but that it requires additional configuration steps. Has anyone used MQ in this manner? I thought MQ was only used to put data/messages on a queue so that another system can then take that data and then send it out to another destination.
Thanks, Frank

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