On 13-Feb-2014 13:03 -0800, Steinmetz, Paul wrote:
<<SNIP>> Problem is that my utility uses dspobjd detail(*full)
output(*outfile), source dates are not in the outfile. If I change
my utility to use detail(*service), I see the source dates in the
outfile. <<SNIP>>

The implication of that claim is in conflict with the documentation [and actual effect hopefully as experienced by effectively everyone effectively since forever]. The /source/ related information [fields ODSRCF, ODSRCL, ODSRCM, ODSRCC, ODSRCD, ODSRCT of the model output file QADSPOBJ with Record Format QLIDOBJD] should be written to the output file irrespective of the specified DETAIL():

_Display Object Description_ (DSPOBJD)
Detail (DETAIL)

Specifies which set of attributes is shown for each object.

Note: When the output is directed to a database file, this parameter is ignored and *all object attribute information is written to the file*.

If the statement is accurate and my inference of what was claimed is accurate, then the described effect would be a defect.

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