We use bytware's MPLUS, highly recommended, flexible, customizable.
You can auto answer a message if need be, to keep the job running.
Or in one case, the CPF message did not have a reply, but indicated the job had a problem, needed to be ended, restarted.
MPLUS can do this.

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While I could talk about how I'm not a big fan of a giant catchall MONMSG
CPF0000 at the beginning of the program and why, or how that if your program is still halting then you've done it wrong, I think a better solution is to look at tools that will monitor jobs, etc on your system and send the appropriate emails and alerts.
They should handle things like:
- Is there a batch job stuck in msgw?
- Are there more than x jobs stacked up?
- Is there a job taking an excessive amount of time?
We use http://bytware.com/products/mp/index.html
I hear Robot has good products, but the stuff I looked at from them seemed to be beer on a champagne budget.

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Sorry if this is a little vague.

I have a small CL that runs daily. It creates a temp file that I use in
Reporting tool.
We use the basic IBM Scheduler, they never bought a better product here
they won't now.

( we tried to make this a view a while back but were unsuccessful).Anyway,
I have the CPF0000
monmsg on there but a couple of weeks ago that file was in use in a diff
view I was creating at that moment so the job aborted. but it hung waiting
for a response. the problem with that is, that other jobs are stuck in the
traffic jam and if my manager had not noticed, they would not have run for
most of the evening.

In such a case, I would like the job to just quit, as the data is not
mission critical, it's just for a report that is run occassionally.

Perhaps someone knows which other monmsg CPF i would add to that CL? I
can't have my jobs holding up others. In fact, this can cause the system
not come up because of this.

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