Sorry for the confusion, currently only 6 scratch volumes, but normally about 14.
Currently redoing a 10 year, 4 volume dup.
Our library has 45 slots, 1 reserved for cleaning, 3 I/O slots.
Currently 34 active volumes, probably about 10 different saves/control groups.
We keep the this many active volumes in the library, most restores don't require a media load, already in the library.
We run saves every day also, some saves have different retentions, so the combination of move/media policy will save/append to the correct volume.
We load / unload M-F.
I want to keep them balanced.
It's not really tricky the system, but keeping like saves on the same volumes.


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Only 6 volumes total? How many does your library hold?
Our library holds over 50 volumes. We load up a weeks worth at a time.
Actually 6 'run' days. We back up 5 days a week. The advantage to this is it will still back up when the office is closed due to holidays or snow emergencies. Our library also has 18 I/O slots but don't let the number of I/O slots limit you. We only run the *BALANCE once a week. Yes, we remove the daily tapes every day but we only load new tapes once a week.

If you really are truly limited to 6 volumes, and you want two for one and
4 for the other, then you should run the *SETs separately. One for 2 and one for 4. But if your library holds a weeks worth then do a *SET for (5
* 2) for the one and (5 * 4) for the other. Replace 5 by the number of days of the week you back up.

You're not still trying to trick the system to use certain volumes on certain days of the week, are you?

Rob Berendt

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