Thanks all - I'll try using the chgjob jobmsgqfl(*wrap) command before I do strdbg on a SQLRPGLE program.

I'm not at all sure how to enter a DCR, haven't done that since S/34/36 days (or whatever the equivalent was in those days).


On 9/10/2013 12:29 PM, CRPence wrote:
On 09 Sep 2013 13:22, Tom wrote:
1. Yes, many spool files are produced and enqueued to the qezjoblog
outq. Sometimes many, many thousands of spoolfiles. I don't need any
of them.
Seems probable that changing from *PRTWRAP to *WRAP for the "Job
message queue full action" (JOBMSGQFL) [system value QJOBMSGQFL] job
attribute could be helpful. And probable that changing the "Job message
queue maximum size" (JOBMSGQMX) {may only be available in the *JOBD vs
the job} [system value QJOBMSGQMX] could be helpful alone or in
conjunction with the prior change.

2. Yes, I would like to suppress entirely the action/process that is
causing the spoolfile entries for exactly the reason you mention -
since I've tested the SQL queries in interactive SQL, I have no
interest in debugging the SQL queries, just the non-query stuff.
Submit a Design Change Request (DCR). Others have alluded to the
having the same desire in the past, here, but if they made their desire
known to IBM is unknown to me, as nobody followed up saying they had.
And there is no publication of submitted DCRs that I am aware of.

p.s. - though not mentioned, before asking I did a Google search
(using qualifier "") for terms related to my request
but I reckon I didn't hit on the right combination.
Probably best to avoid searching QEZJOBLOG which is not germane;
concentrating instead on only tokens like SQL STRDBG DEBUG MESSAGES, but
then trying to whittle that down to those that include something like
PREVENT or SUPPRESS or FILLING or WRAPPING with regard to an action
verb, expressing either the desired effect or the undesirable effect.
Regardless, the two recent and two older messages:
"suppress sql joblog messages while in debug mode" ~04-Sep-2013
"SQL Filling Job Log" ~07-Jun-2013
"Preventing SQL debug messages" ~30-Jul-2010
"Reason(s) for SQL generating debugging messages" ~13-May-2009

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