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date: Thu, 14 Feb 2013 15:12:26 -0800
from: CRPence <CRPbottle@xxxxxxxxx>
subject: Re: how to filter out spaces in fields defined as packed

On 14 Feb 2013 14:15, Needles,Stephen J wrote:
I had to find and fix some data like this. I used the following to
find the rows that had hex'40' in a particular field.

Select * from datafile where substr(trim(hex(orderqty)),1,2) = '40'

The TRIM scalar in the expression seems extraneous.? Regardless...

As I noted in prior responses, for the first byte of an odd-precision
Packed Decimal column, the value '40' is completely valid. The x'40' in
the first byte of storage for Packed BCD is legitimate, and therefore
should not be presumed to have originated as the EBCDIC blank x'40'.

I still use RPG for this kind of clean-up. A generic SQL approach would be nice but as Chuck has pointed out is not as easy at it might seem.

Using a simple RPG program that uses Read with a DS result field and then overlaying the DS with character versions of the fields to be tested works just fine as the result DS precludes the decimal data error that a conventional RPG op-code requires. I have also used program described files, an API call or three and substrings to achieve the same effect in a generic program.

Don't recall if the OP was insistent on an SQL solution but there is certainly more than one way to skin the cat.

Jon Paris


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