On 2/11/2013 2:46 PM, Dan Kimmel wrote:

Java version is part of the properties that RPG passes to the JVM
when RPG starts java. As far as I know, the RPG compiler generates
I don't have a V7R1 system to try this on, but you might try
recompiling the RPG modules that call the java methods and rebinding
the programs or service programs.

The RPG runtime only passes the properties that are specified in the QIBM_RPG_JAVA_PROPERTIES environment variable.

The Java version isn't part of the RPG program, so recompiling won't make any difference.

To get rid of that message, just remove the java.version property from the RPG environment variable, and from any of the places that Java looks for Java properties.


On that page, it mentions properties specified through "JNI invocation API" as having the highest precedence. The properties specified through the QIBM_RPG_JAVA_PROPERTIES envvar fall into that category. The RPG runtime calls the JNI invocation API to start the JVM; it passes any properties found in the RPG envvar, as well as the java.class.path property if the CLASSPATH envvar exists in the job.

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