Sorry if my question was a bit nebulous. I formed that sentence based a
post here from a few years ago that read:

"Once your shop starts using *SRVPGMs, you will need to become aware of
"activation groups" and the differences between running in the "default
activation group" (aka. "OPM compatibility mode")"

I meant to ask about "OPM compatibiltiy mode". My apologies for the

"Although I suppose some jobs might be presumed to start with a base
program which remains active through the
job, and perhaps there could be something relevant if that /first/ program
is either ILE or OPM."

Chuck - yes that is basically what I am looking for.


"I assume you know that you can see the program attribute with DSPPGM,
and the same thing can tell you whether a program WILL run in the
default activation group, I think.

Just curious - do you want to find out something more at run-time? What
will this do for you? Again, just wondering."

Vern - yes I was looking for things like DSPPGM - What I am trying to
determine is whether we have jobs running in "OPM compatibility mode" so
that if we do we can convert them. We have some old code (probably over 20
years old) and I would like to know that everything is running in a true
ILE environment.

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