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rc = JDBC_ExecUpd( conn : 'set schema testsck' );

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On 2/1/13 3:33 PM, Vernon Hamberg wrote:
USE sets the current database - on the i, a library is the same thing
as what MySQL and others call a database.

There is a SET OPTION DFTRDBCOL schema-name that gets you the same

Or you can set naming convention in JDBC to SQL and set the default
collection there.


I replaced
rc = JDBC_ExecUpd( conn : 'Use testsck' ); with rc = JDBC_ExecUpd( conn : 'SET OPTION DFTRDBCOL TESTSCK' );

and even though by the time the exception is thrown, the TESTSCK library does exist, I still end up with:
RPG procedure JDBC_EXECU in program JDBCR4/JDBCR4 received Java
exception "java.sql.SQLException: [SQL0204] TESTSCK in *N type *LIB
not found." when calling method "executeUpdate" with signature
"(Ljava.lang.String;)I" in class "java.sql.Statement".

followed, confusingly, by:
RPG procedure JDBC_EXECU in program JDBCR4/JDBCR4 received Java
exception "java.sql.SQLException: [SQL0104] Token TESTSCK was not
valid. Valid tokens: =." when calling method "executeUpdate" with
signature "(Ljava.lang.String;)I" in class "java.sql.Statement".

Not quite sure what to make of it.

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