Scott, I hope you're feeling better; don't push yourself on my account. I'm sure anybody familiar with both MySQL and DB2/400 can answer this, whether they know JDBCR4 or not.

At any rate, it's like the subject line says.

I haven't really had a good opportunity to install MySQL someplace with a fixed IP address, and so I'm running the first tests of JDBCR4 pointing right back to the local DB2/400 on the very same box.

I changed a copy of the JDBCTEST source member, so that it goes into the local DB2/400 (talk about carrying coals to Newcastle!) instead of a MySQL server. I successfully got rid of the parameters on the CREATE DATABASE that DB2/400 didn't like, and it successfully created the TESTSCK library, with all the extra baggage of an SQL collection.

Then it tried a USE statement. Which is perfectly fine in MySQL, but DB2/400 didn't like it. And while a quick RTFM confirmed that DB2/400 doesn't have a USE statement, I haven't a clue what the equivalent would be.


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