On 17 Dec 2012 09:44, Ankush Agrawal wrote:

1.We have recently upgraded to V7R1.
2. PRTDSKINF shows 'Objects not in a library ' as 0% but the
detailed report shows the following:

% of Size in
Description Disk 1,000,000 bytes
User libraries 66.17 5072907.90
Unused space 25.65 1966674.08
System internal objects .45 34870.63
Objects not in a library .00 77.73
TOTAL 99.90 60189.76

That "TOTAL" seems suspect for the "Size".?

% of Size in Last
Library Owner Disk 1000 bytes Change
*NOLIBRARY 71.59 5487830860.3

It is a production box and has no downtime except during switch
which happens every 6 months. So, no IPL, no reclaim storage till

After collecting output from DSPOBJD [*FULL and *SERVICE] and DSPFD for the database *FILE object QAEZDISK in QUSRSYS, I would rename and\or move that file and perform another RTVDSKINF. I would verify the same effect after that completes. Optionally while that new disk collection runs, I would review the data in that old QAEZDISK file [with the new name and\or location] for unnaturally large object sizes for the "library" object types [those under the /QSYS.LIB directory]; been too long since I have reviewed the data in the file, but *NOLIBRARY designation, but not of the types STMF, DIR, DOC, FLR, SOC, [or similar] and a few others. This can best be accomplished using queries against that file. Less desirable means could be to get object-level reports for each user. Another option is to try to narrow the search to just some specific users, using WRKOBJOWN [or DSPUSRPRF *OBJOWN I think also] which issues a diagnostic message to the joblog to indicate that the user "owns objects which are not in a library [but has an object type for which the object is expected to reside in a library].

If such a user and object is found, the user profile object can be dumped to /locate/ the object that caused the problem. The object header can be dumped with formatting to learn the date\time of its creation and last-change... and showing the bogus size value.

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