Mark Murphy on Thursday, December 13, 2012 2:20 PM wrote:
Do scheduled jobs survive an IPL? That is a job submitted with
SBMJOB SCDDATE(future) SCDTIME(future). My guess is no, but I am
hoping that I am wrong. It is just something I am unable to test in
my current environment.

I guess another way to ask this question is do jobs on a job queue
survive an IPL. I can't find the answer, but as I said before, I am
just hoping that the answer is yes. I believe it is a no.

Yes, they should survive the IPL, and start when the 'future' date\time transpires.... at least *if* the CHGIPLA did not choose to CLRJOBQ(*YES) nor the equivalent feature requested on a manual IPL. But after the IPL, there may also be some Clear Job Queue [CLRJOBQ] requests that could run before a subsystem allocates the JobQ; e.g. as requested in the QSTRUPPGM, before a Start Subsystem [STRSBS] request. There is also the rare possibility that the job queue object is discovered\marked as damaged during the IPL, and thus the job could be /lost/ per CPF3498 "Job &3/&2/&1 lost at IPL. Job queue damaged."

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