The QSECOFR issue seems to be an anomaly. It makes me wonder, What would a
windows server care if the user id was QSECOFR and any other name? And why
would the IBM OS care if QSECOFR was connecting to another server? What
would cause the issue unless the IBM OS was preventing QSECOFR?

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I have found these links regarding Domain Controllers vs QNTC.

Earlier versions were more verbose on this. V7R1 shortened it down to use

What kills me is that I can access qntc on the domain controller as ROB, but
not QSECOFR. But QSECOFR can access other shares in our domain.

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Try this:
On your PC (or some other PC that is NOT a domain controller) create a
share. Then see if
WRKLNK '/QNTC/thatpc/thatshare' works. What I am finding out is that
QSECOFR can see shares on PC's that are not domain controllers but not
shares on PC's that ARE domain controllers. For example, I can access my
pc (GDL164) and GDSNT (a popular server here that is not a domain
controller) but not GDSDNS nor ARDNT (which are domain controllers). Our
Windows guy said he'll open up a ticket with IBM but he has some other
priorities first. I'm ok with that. Getting the electronics set up for
the company Christmas carry-in a few days out takes priority. I really
only use QSECOFR this way once a quarter.

Rob Berendt

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