I would create the index advisor source into a *SRCMBR object and tie it to
the index as a dependent object. That way, whenever you need to modify the
index, you can check them both out, modify the index, and then paste the new
source into the *SRCMBR.

That should keep the loop closed in terms of audit tracking and whatever
change control standards you have.

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Index Advisor makes it very easy to create new SQL indexes. However, I
have to add them to Aldon LMi, either as a non-source object, or create
the source and use the same approach as with DDS.

Any Aldon users with an opinion pro or con?

The non-source object approach is the easiest but I have this hankering
for source under source control... I can get the source back from Index
Advisor, but then I have to hand tweak it to fit into Aldon.


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