I hope you don't mind, but I just tried it with IE and it asked me for credentials pretty much right away.


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I have an ftp site. If I access it from the outside using Internet explorer it doesn't seem to work.
I tried accessing it using Windows File Explorer and it works fine.

Problem is that I've got this one poor fellow who is stuck on Apple instead of a business OS and he wants to be able to access it using Safari or Chrome. I've not used either one of those and not sure they'd fare any better than IE. Obviously he's having issues with that. I am guessing that browsers keep throwing anonymous at it more times than my exit point cares to hear about, while Windows file explorer gives up earlier, and breaks down and asks you for the user id and password.

I also suggested FileZilla (which also works fine) but I've heard nothing on that suggestion.

Rob Berendt

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