On 13 Nov 2012 18:07, Vernon Hamberg wrote:
Are you running the command only from a command line? It might not
throw an escape message there - some commands are like that. Try it
in a program.

The OP has apparently already concluded that the "error" is sent only as a Diagnostic, so FWiW:

If "command line" implies [QCMD] Command Entry, then there is unlikely a difference between an invocation from a program and the Command Entry panel, because the QCMD request processor should react quite similar to the program. What sometimes is a source of confusion however, is that a "MENU" might change the message to a diagnostic due to Move Program Message processing [effectively from the CPP and to QUIMNDRV; the "move" changes the message type to Diagnostic], or a [Work with] "Panel Group" command line might send an additional copy of the Escape message as an Informational message [from QUOCMD to QUOMAIN]. In the latter case, the original message would likely remain, showing the original Escape message; F10=Messages from F1=Help, or DSPJOBLOG would show the two messages.

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