The term "object usage information" has long been used generically to refer to all of the *FULL OIR [Object Information Record] details that show "activity"; i.e. the equivalent of the DSPOBJD DETAIL(*FULL) "Change/Usage information". The term is not intended to equate with object *used* information [i.e. "last used" and "days used" and its "Reset date"]. That intended definition should be somewhat evident, conspicuous even, by the parenthetical commentary in the quoted documentation. That documentation means to suggest that either of the described APIs [but not the object names] can be used to update either of the two separate categories of "object usage information"; i.e. some portion of the "Change/Usage information". That documentation does *not* mean to suggest that both of those APIs would effect an update of the "used" information for the specified UsrSpc name.

So IMO perhaps the doc could be called somewhat deceptive, but not "incorrect"; a misunderstanding arising in part due to a terminology issue, for which a reader feedback probably could be submitted to request the terminology be clarified. Or perhaps suggesting that the documentation should state explicitly that the "change" API updates only the "changed" information and that the "retrieve" API updates only the "used" information.

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