Good morning,

I've had this issue before. I don't remember what I did to fix it though. I
have a laptop at a remote location. If I assign it IP address
it will not connect to the system I (V6R1) using Client Access. If I change
the IP address to say it connects to the system I with no

Using the IP address

I've tried the CWBPING and receive error CWBC01003 Socket error, function
connect <> returned 10060.

I can't ping the system I from the PC. I can't ping that address from the
system I either.

I've performed a tracert from the PC and I can see it connect to the router
at the remote location and the router at the location of the System I then
it times out.

I've performed a traceroute from the system I and it bombs immediately.

When I try to connect from the PC I can see a job in the TCP/IP status area 50665 telnet 000:00:11 SYN-received

This job goes away after a short while.

If I perform the above with the address everything works fine.
I have multiple devices at this location that access the system I with no

The 250 address might have been used by another device at one point in time.
It's almost like the system I is holding something from that connection (mac
address or something), not allowing the new device to connect with that

The difference between the two IP addresses is one has full internet access
the other address is filtered through a website filtering device. I've
worked around the issue by opening up the address to full
internet access but I'm still curious as to what the issue might be.



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