The WRKF command has a parameter that enables selecting only by the SAVF attribute; e.g. WRKF QGPL/Q* FILEATR(SAVF)

But since DLTPTF is not one of the options available [on any of WRKOBJ, WRKF, or WRKOBJPDM; though the latter can have a PDM option defined to effect the appropriate DLTPTF] to effect the appropriate "delete" method for "cleaning up fixes" so the "proper" means to effect the deletion of the *SERVICE entry corresponding to the device file name presented in the list is not directly available via any of those interface from its option-4=Delete.

Note: not to imply any objects would have an attribute of xSAVF, the specification OBJATR(SAVF) is preferred over OBJATR(*SAVF) because the value *SAVF specified in that parameter, according to the help text, would be a /generic-value/ rather than a /special value/

Regards, Chuck

On 16 Oct 2012 20:55, Mark S Waterbury wrote:
The commands:


will identify mainly save files that are for PTFs.

On 10/16/2012 9:04 PM, PaulMmn wrote:
You should also be able to use the command:


It may not select just SAVFs, but there (hopefully) aren't a lot
of non-SAVF Q files in QGPL.

At 9:13 AM -0500 10/16/12, Jim Oberholtzer wrote:


The *SERVICE files should all be *SAVF types in QGPL. You can
find them with the command: "WRKOBJPDM LIB(QGPL) OBJTYPE(*FILE)
OBJATR(*SAVF) OBJ(Q*)" (assuming you have PDM loaded). You should
be able to pick and choose which files to delete at that point.
If your using RDP you can easily set up a filter to find them and
manage as appropriate as well.

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