In general, an IPL 'refreshes' the system:

--library QRPLOBJ is cleared-- when a program is re-compiled, the old program is moved to QRPLOBJ just in case someone is using the program at that time. Clearing the library releases that disk space back to general use.
--all system programs start 'fresh'-- in those rare instances where a program has a 'memory leak,' all the 'leaked' memory is cleared and once again available for use.
--Journals are rolled to use new Journal Receivers
--depending on your selected IPL options, hardware is checked for problems
--Hardware is reset
--The system is checked for the state it was in when it last ended-- normal or abnormal. If abnormal, the system checks everything for consistancy. It can also take a main storage dump of what was running when the system crashed (a -very- rare occurance!). File indices that were open when the system ended are re-built.

There's lots more; the link in one of the other messages points to a complete list of what goes on!

--Paul E Musselman

At 10:54 PM +0800 10/13/12, John Mathew wrote:


what is the purpose of IPL(Intial Program Load). What are steps involved in IPL.

thanks in advance.


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