Hi Jim,

I don't see where this says that "UTF8" and "UTF-8" are different? Indeed, where it says "UTF8" it also refers it as "UTF-8" on the same line.

It also references a site from Sun Microsystems (now Oracle, but the link still works) that states that UTF8 and UTF-8 are the same.

Though, this whole IBM page is rather confusing... like it says CCSID 1208 isn't available on "System i5" -- which is completely untrue. I think that what it's trying to say is that UTF-8 with a byte order mark is not currently supported on IBM i... but the page is extremely unclear.

On 10/12/2012 10:55 PM, franz400 wrote:
v6r1 info center (search for "file encoding" and link is for "File.encoding
values and System i5 CCSID"
It's not that they are necessarily, different - but 2 entries

UTF8 1208 UTF-8 (IBM CCSID 1208, which is not yet available on the
System i5 platform)
UTF-16 1200 Sixteen-bit UCS Transformation Format, byte order
identified by an optional byte-order mark
UTF-16BE 1200 Sixteen-bit Unicode Transformation Format, big-endian
byte order
UTF-16LE 1200 Sixteen-bit Unicode Transformation Format, little-endian
byte order
UTF-8 1208 Eight-bit UCS Transformation Format

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Hi Jim,

In my EXPAT_H copy book, I named the constant XML_ENC_UTF8, because you
can't put a dash in an RPG variable name. It's not possible to make a
constant or variable named XML_ENC_UTF-8 in RPG.

But, yes, it means UTF-8 (Which is the official name).

Not sure where in the Information Center it says that "UTF8" and "UTF-8"
mean something different. Can you provide me with a link?

On 10/12/2012 8:44 PM, franz400 wrote:

I am still confused by sometimes seeing "UTF-8" and in your code "UTF8"..


In the infocenter (under encoding) it seemed to treat these as different
definitions. Any differences?

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