Yes that is true - but I would like to use the IBM format. The QSYS/QADSPJRN field JOESD is only 100 bytes long.

I need the format, but don't want to DSPJRN to get the format.

I need this to work in production and I cant ensure that DSPJRN will build a single *outfile record.

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The ENTDTALEN parameter on DSPJRN specifies how big you want JOESD to be.

It's all there in the online help behind the command :)

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I am trying to do this. Where can I get a file format of the DSPJRN
*OUTFILE format?

I tried QSYS/QADSPJRN but that has a field JOESD of only 100 bytes long.

Is there a file to join to with a longer JOESD field?

Or do I have to create my own.


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Hi Joel -

On Tue, 2 Oct 2012 20:40:03 +0000, "Stone, Joel"
<Joel.Stone@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Do you know how to have SQL move the entire record format (all columns:
packed, zoned, alpha) into a single field JOESD? (which is where the
journal system stores my CUST record)

How about creating a file with just one field that is as long as the
longest record format that you want to process, then use CPYF with
FMTOPT(*NOCHK) to load it. Then I think you could use SQL against
that file to load your DSPJRN look-alike. No actual journal
processing required.

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