If I've been following this thread correctly, you use DSPJRN to create an
output file and then call pgmA to process that file.

Instead of burning CPU and disk space to create journal records (or journal
look-alikes) for the entire data file, would it be feasible to add the
initial load capability to pgmA?

For example: let's say that pgmA currently goes something like this:
Read journal record from DSPJRN output file
Do something (??) with journal fields (check entry type, etc).
Process data record (the JOESD field in the journal record)
Repeat until end of DSPJRN output file

Would this work:
If initial load,
Read data file
Process data record (same format as JOESD)
Repeat until end of data file
Perform logic shown earlier

Make sense?

Have fun!

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