Given the text of the message is "Output queue changed to QPRINT in QGPL." without replacement values, I would not expect any other results. We can't really predict what IBM might change later, but I would not expect this to change and break things that have been working for many, many years.
Sean Porterfield

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No - it is not sysval QPRTDEV (well, not exactly..).
The InfoCenter has a page on

which has this text:
The system value Default printer (QPRTDEV). If the printer identified in the system value does not exist, the output goes to the QPRINT output queue.

On this particular system (which I cannot freely change), the QPRTDEV = PRT08 and an outq exists, BUT NO DEVICE of same name...
but it is only when an override printer file is to a non-existent queue (not
device..) and the RPGLE executes & writes to the spool, that the CPD3322 appears in the log to indicate spool was placed in QPRINT (and my original problem was that it went to the QGPL/QPRINT and not the QUSRSYS/QPRINT higher in libl (spent a while looking in wrong outq..)

Have coded a solution which works with the forms tool (checking existence of queue name and if not found, referencing qgpl/qprint). I would need own system to determine exactly when this does or does not occur in various scenarios.

Jim Franz

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the default output queue can be set by some initial value. It is not in the SYSVAL list, but it is in a maintennace screen, where you could set some basic values for the operating system.

I am not near a machine, and it is many moons ago I have looked at that screen.

So, if you change that value that will also be shown in the message.

Carel Teijgeler

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On 26-9-2012 at 10:13 J Franz wrote:

I know that IBM will issue a CPD3322 when a RPG executes and the
outq does not exist, and the CPD332 says outq is changed to QPRINT.

It appears on our current system it is always QGPL/QPRINT even though
whatever reason we have a QUSRSYS/QPRINT higher in library list, plus the
QGPL/QPRINT lower in libl.

I checked another more basic system and see the QUSRSYS/QPRINT is not
there (and it's a default install).

We have to pass the spool file outq & lib to a "forms product" and it
won't deal with "*LIBL" (blows up).

Can anyone confirm that CPD3322 has & always will be QGPL/QPRINT?

Jim Franz

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