Compared to most shops, large. Compared to the very large shops medium. I'll pick large for now.

As to the LUG if your interested, have your Chief IT guy apply. You might be surprised.

Jim Oberholtzer
Chief Technical Architect
Agile Technology Architects

On 9/19/2012 6:34 AM, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Do we qualify for a large or medium shop? We are probably just one or two
processor ticks away from qualifying for IBM's Large User Group.

We have three boxes with 10 lpars of i and 2 of linux. We put new
versions of OS on a sandbox lpar there. Make sure it works with a
supported version of Domino and informally test a little of our ERP on it.
If it passes that we start upgrading other lpars (Development and it's
Mimix partner are next.) Our main production lpar and it's Mimix partner
are last. All lpars will be running the new OS within the quarter after
GA. A shop that waits until the third cume may not be quite as cautious.
The sandbox lpar is guested under another lpar of i.

Rob Berendt
-- IBM Certified System Administrator - IBM i 6.1 Group Dekko Dept 1600 Mail to: 2505 Dekko Drive Garrett, IN 46738 Ship to: Dock 108 6928N 400E Kendallville, IN 46755 From: "Voris, John" <john.voris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> To: <midrange-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, Date: 09/18/2012 04:33 PM Subject: development/test/prod environment & iOS releases ? Sent by: midrange-l-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxx Here's a follow-up question: How prevalent is it to create a separate LPAR to test a new version of iOS with your Production programs and processes ? I'm interested if there are places that separate out DEV / TEST / PROD environments for program development, and even though they have the ability to do multiple LPARs, they just don't bother testing the new release of iOS because "IBM never makes a mistake" or "it is just not worth the hassle" or "the users will not take the time to test all the functions that could break" or "we have plans in place to roll back to the prior release" ? Is it the case that the one-time setup of communications and file feeds to a test LPAR for all users is too extensive? Is that kind of thinking normal for small to medium shops, even though they have the ability for LPARs?

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