Hi Rob,

Well, ok, the first couple of times I put RUNQRY into a CL program (many seasons ago), I didn't even think about it. Until users complained that the data wasn't production data....

Since then, the few times I've had to put a Query/400 query in production in a CL program I managed to remember to put in the QRYFILE parm with *LIBL. I totally agree that it's annoying that Query/400 doesn't leave *LIBL as *LIBL.

Care to share what software does the 1-time DNS lookup and stores the ip address? I'd like to make sure I avoid it...

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On 9/17/2012 10:15 AM, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Please reread my reply.
Can you honestly say that everywhere you've imbedded RUNQRY you put
QRYFILE and changed them to *LIBL? I really wish that QUERY/400 would
keep *LIBL if you told it *LIBL and not just use *LIBL to find the first
library with a hit and store that library name. Like some stupid software
we use that takes the dns name for your i, finds the IP address and buries
the IP address into their client. Makes it really fun when you do a
switch over to your HA machine, or, your sadistic lan guy changes all your
IP addresses on a periodic basic.

Maybe you were just answering question 2. In that case, your sample does
provide an answer for that.

Rob Berendt

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