Yes, I guess I mean that.

Now there is an interface to QM that can be very much like that of Query/400 - STRQM - option 1 to work with queries has a prompted option, where it is a lot like WRKQRY. Option 2 is for working with forms - again, it is a lot like Query/400 in its presentation options.

It still ends up creating a QMQRY, which is actually SQL. And eventually, people might start to like using real SQL to specify the statements.

You are able to do some security within this interface, too, so that people can only do SELECTs - others can be allowed to do any SQL statement allowed in an interactive kind of thing.

Worth a look, perhaps.


On 9/14/2012 12:47 PM, Jeff Crosby wrote:
I still strongly recommend using RTVQMQRY to move from QRYDFNs to using
SQL. It can even turn merge fields into substitution variables, which is
really cool, IMO.
I have read this suggestion from various sources many times over the
years. What we use Query/400 for is as an end user tool for queries.
We don't use Query/400 anywhere "in production" so to speak.

You're referring to "in production" use, correct?

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