I wonder if you could convert 9 consecutive characters into 9 repetitions
of one character. For example, convert 012345678 to 111111111. and then
look for 111111111? Then again, what happens if you have
123456789987654321 imbedded in that string? You convert that to
111111111111111111. Now you look for 111111111 and how many hits do you
get with a simple like '%111111111%'? One or many? Do you even want one?
Is there a way to fix that? Use '% 111111111 %' with leading/trailing
spaces? What if there are no trailing or leading spaces because you're at
the beginning or end of the column? Or it's 'ABN876543210' and that
doesn't have a leading space?

I am thinking that you'd have to write a "function" to do this. That
function could be sql procedure language or RPG and then test the results
of that function.

Rob Berendt

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