"IBM's grip on keys" doesn't drive down the used market. It is simple supply and demand - no one wants the stuff.

All electronics over two years old has little value, including TVs, PCs, phones, and iSeries h/w.

Most of it actually has a negative value - ie one must pay to dispose of it.

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On 9/11/2012 2:07 PM, John McKee wrote:
About 6 months from now, our i will be decommissioned.

I just looked at the IBM website and the Disk Sanitizer looked
interesting. But, there appear to be restrictions, such as units
can't be on same IOP as load source.

Is there a newer procedure that will completely wipe everything
securely? Rob's. 50 cal method would effect resale value, I would
The best way to handle it would be to pull the drive and plug it into a
pc and then use one of the numerous free linux tools to wipe it.

And speaking of value, I'm always surprised at how much the value on i
stuff falls. The used market must suck thanks to IBM's grip on keys and
used software.


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