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RE: Authority issue for receiving a file
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Files are on a remote system and I am trying to bring to my i. The files
do not exist on the i. Folder and sub-folder permissions >appear< to be
the same as another folder and sub-folder that I am able to add files. The
message is implying that the problem is on the i where I am trying to put
the file. The transfer is being originated on the i.

I am definitely missing something.

John McKee

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Subject: RE: Authority issue for receiving a file

Look at the file on the receiving end. Is it on a shared folder
somewhere? If so, were the share permission set up correctly? (Windows
2003 default settings on shares is read only.) I always set share
permission to everyone full then use the NTFS permission to control

If the file is on your IFS, then make sure you have full permissions to
the 20090910.txt file.

Chris Bipes
Director of Information Services
CrossCheck, Inc.

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Subject: Authority issue for receiving a file

I just bet this is one of those DUH! things. But, it is Friday, people
are wanting this now, and I am running dry on ideas.

I am trying to receive a file from another system. I tried FileZilla,
and received a rather terse message telling me that the file could not
be written.

So, hoping to get better information, I started a terminal session and
tried again using sftp.

I get this message:

Couldn't open local file "20090910.txt" for writing: Permission denied

I set up this folder the same way as I did another folder that I can
write to. Looking at the folder permissions, I own both folders, and
have full permission to both of them.

So, what is the DUH! that I am overlooking? This is driving me buggy.


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