Your share is read only I bet. Drill down to your share in iSeries Nav
and look at your share, make sure the access is read/write and not read

Chris Bipes
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My first attempt was with FileZilla, just drag and drop. No typing and
no case issues.

My second attempt was using cygwin. And, now that I think about it
more, that might be a different issue. Using sftp from Cygwin is using
shares available to my computer. A better test would be to use PuTTY
from the i itself. This has been a long day.

But, even if PuTTY works, that does not explain why FileZilla works with
another folder and not this one. Unles, that is, there is some access
that does not appear in green screen commands. I also looked at iSeries
Navigator on the two folders and subfolders, and the acces appears
identical there as well.

Before the groaning starts, both folders and sub-folders are in QDLS.
This was supposed to be "just like" another application I developed.
The more I get into it, the more the differences become apparent. I
have a vendor getting testy as well as people where I work. Thus, the
reason to stay with QDLS, to try to get it done as quickly as possible
to try to make people happy as quickly as possible. The other
application uses sFTP (or FileZilla) quite nicely. Since I am able to
connect to the remote site, I don't see how a firewall could be an issue
- but that doesn't mean that a firewall issue does not exist, either. I
am wondering if there is a possibility that the error is perhaps
incorrectly worded. I had requested that the files to be retrieved be
placed in a sub-folder on the remote system. Is it possible that there
is an issue with permissions on the remote system that become implied
errors directed to the local system? Just because I can read the
directory on !
remote system with FileZilla does not mean that I can actually read the
file itself. But, I would wonder why the error message would not state
that file could not be read, in that event.

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