Larry Bolhuis wrote:
<<SNIP>> Remember that the HIPER and the DB groups are in the CUME.

Logically it makes sense to do the HIPER first because those are the
most current. The HIPER will lay down a big bunch of 'Superceded's
which will mean the CUME and other groups won't have to apply those
PTFs only to have the HIPER come along and overlay them. <<SNIP>>

Is there some documentation suggesting that "the HIPER and DB groups are in the" cumulative? I am almost positive that is untrue for the DB PTFs. Since non-HIPer groups are established on a schedule outside of the cumulative, any newer PTFs would not be on the current cumulative, yet could still be on a group. I recall many times that the DB group would have PTFs included that I had not yet approved for inclusion on any cumulative; those same PTFs might not make any future cumulative. Additionally, the next paragraph seems to contradict the statement that the HIPer PTFs are included in the cumulative. That is, if the HIPer PTFs are in the cumulative, then what would be the point in applying both a HIPer group and the cumulative, when applying just the cumulative would handle both?

Regards, Chuck

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