Adding special authorities that were removed as part of the request to restore other than *ALL user profiles, may also be required. IIRC a diagnostic message is logged to warn of that if that transpires. Similarly for some password and group information. Specifying the SECDTA(*PWDGRP) [Security Data restore option to include Password and Group information] should resolve the latter issue.
Chapter 8: Backup & Recovery of security information
Page 223: Restoring User Profiles

If the group(s) for the user are not restored or created before restoring that single user profile object, I believe that those group attributes are lost, and diagnostic logged to inform of that loss.

Users that had private authorities to that user [rare; or should be, outside of that user being their group, for which reassignment of group is required anyhow, and authority is granted as part of that process] would need to have those rights granted again.

After the restore, any required /registrations/ should be performed for that user name [e.g. ADDDIRE] just as would be done for any new user on that system.

Regards, Chuck

ChadB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
OK - I need to restore a single user profile... I should need to do the
following (right?):

1. RSTUSRPRF for the single profile name (from a save 21)
2. RSTAUT for the single profile name

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